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Director of Rehabilitation Services based in Karachi, Pakistan.


Director of Rehabilitation Services
Caravan of Life Pakistan (COL) Trust is a non-profit tax exempted org. based in Karachi, Pakistan. It has been engaged in pioneering efforts of introducing Psychiatric Rehabilitation concepts, principles & practices & making inroads into a landscape of the medical model. Caravan of Life efforts, over the last 8 years, have been supported by Rutgers University’s faculty of PSR, N.J. ;  Thresholds of Chicago ,Illinois; Seven Counties services ,Louisville , Kentucky; Drexel University, PA ; Trilogy Health Services  , Chicago Illinois & The Psychiatric Rehabilitation association at various junctures .
Caravan of Life is now seeking a full time Director of Operations for its Psychiatric Rehabilitation facility, The Recovery House .The position requires relocation to Karachi, Pakistan for a period of at least 2 years to help transition its program out of its Pilot phase. This contract may be renewed .
If you are someone who loves to travel, experience a new culture, learn a new language, meet new people and make new friends while mentoring staff, building new services, and developing a culture of recovery, then this opportunity is for you.
Caravan of Life -USA is a sister non –profit 501c based in the US  & serves as the Educational & Training arm of the “CoL” family of organizations.
This position offers a unique & life changing opportunity for an adventurous Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner professional to work with both the Principal founders on the Pakistan end as well all the PSR experts on the US end who have been engaged in this process from its inception. Therefore, the Director will have several national and international supports for position success.
This unique position offers the opportunity to work with CoL Pak. Trust & Col USA to expand services, lead staff development activities, conduct research, and publish articles, in a diverse and, non-western community.
Both CoL’s are Approved Providers of training activity by PRA  (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA)). The Director will have the opportunity to work closely with the PRA Academy to secure training and support for success in the Directors position. Further Job Requirements & Qualifications Required will be shared with interested candidates.
Pls. send your resume to:-
Shaheen S. Ahmed at
Job Requirements:
The position will be on a contract period of two years, and may be renewed.
• Develop and coordinate an integrated Psychiatric Rehabilitation program consisting of Psychiatric, Medical, Rehabilitation & Wellness services including nutrition & exercise for mental health programs.
• Lead developments of strategic plans and prepare annual program recommendations.
• Lead the next stages of development for this exciting project. Specific responsibilities include:
• Provide or arrange training for Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services staff
• Coordinate and participate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Staff recruitment and hiring
• Provide direct services to clients as needed and model excellent service for staff
• Provide clinical and administrative supervision to Psychosocial Rehabilitation Staff.
• Develop, coordinate, and provide educational services to community
• Conduct requisite monitoring and evaluation activities to assure compliance with applicable service delivery and program standards
• Promote CoL and recovery services in public forums including print media, radio, television, and presentations to groups, elected officials, and public administrators
• Attend position-related in-service training sessions, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.
• Develop and maintain a recovery oriented system of documentation of service delivery activities
Certification as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner with :-
A minimum of 5 years experience managing psychiatric rehabilitation services.
 A candidate with a deep understanding of the role & value of culture in the rehabilitation process
Excellent knowledge of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program development and management including: staff supervision, budgeting, and program evaluation.
A spirit of adventure and a desire to succeed with a unique project that has international value
Compensation Package:
Competitive salary and benefits. The position also includes generous benefit time as well as support for travel expenses and living expenses.
(Note: Candidate may also qualify for tax benefits. If you are a U.S. citizen or a resident alien of the United States and you live abroad, you are taxed on your worldwide income. However, you may qualify to exclude from income up to an amount of your foreign earnings that is adjusted annually for inflation $100,800 for 2015). In addition, you may be able to exclude or deduct certain foreign housing amounts.)