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Board Meeting Minutes

PAPRS Board Meeting 07-08-15


PAPRS Board Meeting

July 8, 2015


Attendance:  Janice Aspey, Heidi Eastman, Brad Eastman, Emily Raymond, David Young, Jen McLaughlin, Scott Heller, Donna Duffy-Bell, Elisha Coffey, Ellwyn Andres, Rochelle Reimert, Bill Cress, Kathy Ann Corl, Mary Kay Tuohy, Donna Keutmann, Allyson Simpson, Rita Krauss, Stephanie Cameron

Welcome:  Scott welcomed everyone to the meeting.  No meeting items added to agenda.

Approval of June Minutes:  Heidi Eastman motioned to approve minutes and Elisha Coffey seconded.  All in favor.

Board Member Resignations:  Keith Fuller has resigned from the PAPRS Board and his position as treasurer.  Angela Church-Bukus has also resigned from the PAPRS Board due to a career transition.  We are still at an appropriate Board Member amount and will not need to fill those Board Member positions per our by-laws. 

Treasurer’s Report:  We received $50,150 from our PRA revenue sharing for the conference.  We are currently a little bit ahead of where we were last year in our fund balance.  We are on track with our projected revenue and expenses.  There is a possibility of some additional training monies coming in.  Our net will likely be $ 46,500 will be from the PRA conference which is very similar to our annual conference.

Regarding the position of treasurer, we do not currently have a treasurer.  Angelo Stamolis, our past treasurer, has been approved as an agent to sign our checks.  Angelo will continue in this role until we develop a longer term solution.  By September we need to consider selecting a new treasurer as well as determining electronic banking solutions.  One or more agents would have to review the electronic check and indicate via a security ID that they approve this expenditure.  This will be reviewed with officers prior to the September Board Meeting.

Committee Reports:

Training and Technical Assistance- We have three upcoming trainings on the calendar.  Two 12 Hour Orientation Trainings and One Documentation Training coming up.  We are looking at revitalizing the CPRP Prep Course and will have a retreat to review and revise the 12 Hour Training.  This will happen at the September 10 meeting.  One documentation course was canceled and replaced with a contract for the NW 3 so it is the same providers but is a closed training.  There is another training be added in September as well.

Membership- Outreach continues to be a priority.  RCPA stated they did not get an invoice for their membership in April.  She wants another invoice from PRA.  Pittsburgh VA expired and has not returned outreach calls.  We are having some issues with the contact information being correct for some agencies as well.  Bill Cress will follow up with them to see if he can be of any assistance.  Outreach has been assigned through September.  We have lost organizational members in the last year and we are focusing on member only benefits to encourage membership.  We will need technological support to encourage this and we could explore quarterly Web Ex opportunities for members.  The first go round could be about the different MCOs and opportunities.  CSG is committed to renewing.  Allied Services is opening a new program in Lackawanna County for transitional age youth.  Jim Bogart will be renewing but saw no paperwork from PRA to renew.  Donna has been connecting people with the folks at PRA who handle membership when people report they have not received renewal paperwork.

Communications:  We have received 30 new Facebook likes since the conference and 10 new Twitter followers.  Please share any pictures with Janice from the conference.

Conference:  We need to start gearing up for our 2016 PAPRS conference.  Jen will send out an e-mail to begin coordinating a phone conference for the conference.  PRA is very grateful for our participation in the PRA conference.

Scholarships: We earned $1800 on the basket raffle to go towards scholarships.  We did a post conference survey with the scholarship recipients.  Elisha has coordinated the survey monkey tool and Janice can send out the survey to the scholarship recipients.

Policy Group:  Elisha put together information about changing from a 501c3 to a 501c6 and information was distributed to the board.  The 501c6 is dedicated to business improvement.  We should consider our definition of our organization and need to discuss this more in September.  A key difference is that we can advocate at a more state level but the work we are currently doing does not interfere with our 501c3.  As long as we do not spend more than 20% of our revenue on advocacy we are good.

Elisha would like support in developing a letter to send to the state for a compelling argument to add PR as an in plan service.  There is no real data to determine cost effectiveness.

OMHSAS News:  Sent in grant for 2016 and it again revolves around our conference and how it supports OMHSAS priorities. (Vets, forensics, recovery)  We requested $20,000 this year.

PRA Chapter News:  PA is making some tweaks to our chapter agreement as we would not look for PRA to approve our by-laws.  We would also incorporate our MOU for Academy Trainings.  This revenue sharing began in January 2015.  We have not yet received a check but Scott will check on that if it is not received by end of July.  PRA Board is reviewing our most recent edits to the chapter agreement and it will likely be signed in the fall.

New Business:  Need firm Board meeting dates for 2016.  Scott sent out a list of suggested dates.  Send any requests to the Janice by the end of the month and we will develop a consensus. 

PRA would like to partner with us on some face to face training.  Scott will need to work with the Training Committee on this.

Thank you Heidi for representing us on a webinar through OMHSAS on Emerging Adults!!

Motion to Adjourn:  All in favor

Next Board Meeting:  September 10. 2015- No WEB EX Capability at this one