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Board Meeting Minutes

PAPRS Board Meeting 01-08-16


PAPRS Board Meeting

Friday January 8, 2016


Attendance:  Ellwyn Andres, Donna Duffy-Bell, Ginny Dikeman, Darla Dodds,  Heidi Eastman, Brad Eastman, Jeannine Lawson, Kim MacDonald-Wilson, Joseph Martin, Jen McLaughlin, Susan Poznar, Emily Raymond, Rochelle Reimert, Allyson Simpson, Anna Trout, David Young, Lisa Kramer, Kathy Ann Corl, Rich Calhoun, Scott Heller, Janice Aspey


Call to Order- David Young called the meeting to order.


Add Items-  We need to elect a President-Elect.  We also need to determine who we would like to invite to the Advisory Board as there are openings.


Introduction of Intern- Rich Calhoun is our very first PAPRS intern.  He is currently in a Master’s program in Organizational Development and Leadership.  Rich will be focused on developing skills and expertise in reasearach in organization culture and change.  Rich would like to learn and understand how an organization such as PAPRS operates.  Rich will be focusing his time on evaluate PAPRS strategic business plan, create a model to foster relationships with new member particularly transitional age youth, work on the conference and also look at diversifying funding particularly around grants.  He is currently a Resource Coordinator for ID indivdiuals in Maryland. 


Introduction of New Board  Members-  Welcomed new and continuing board members.


  1. Conflict of Interest-  We must sign a Conflict of Interest Policy annually as new and returning Board Members. 
  2. Confidentiality-  As a reminder we respect what people discuss in this group we expect to remain in this group.
  3. 2016 Meeting Dates-  Please refer to the meeting dates sent in the e-mail prior to this meeting.  We recommend that you reserve your room prior to leaving each meeting to ensure your space.  July is a Web Ex instead of a face to face meeting.  Please also remember to RSVP to each meeting so we have an accurate count for attendance and food.
  4. Changing of Presidents-  Darla Dodds passed the Presidential torch to David Young.  We are grateful for all that Darla did and look forward to working under David’s leadership as well!


President- Elect Nominations-  Rita Kraus was nominated by Donna Duffy-Bell.  Rita was unanimously supported by the Board and will now be the President-Elect!


Approval of Nov. Minutes-  Ellwyn moves to accept, Darla seconds and all in favor.  Minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report-  Scott reviewed our current financials through Dec. 31, 2015.  Our total conference revenue was $62,590.  Training revenue was $72,577.  Operations revenue is $25,013 this includes membership dues from PRA.  Our total revenue is $162, 108.  Conference is our largest revenue source.  We ended the year with a surplus of $26,500.  Our total cash $170,191 due to the liquidity of our assets.


Reviewed proposed 2016 budget.  This includes our typical revenue including conference, training, and operations revenue.  The grant from the state is unclear due to the current lack of state budget.  We are also concerned about conference attendance and sponsorship given again the current lack of state budget.  Total revenue is predicted to $201,500.  Our expenses will be $220, 271 with a projected loss of $18, 771.  We have some increased expenses regarding personnel this year due to the transition of Janice to a contracted trainer and Brad to our new Business Operational Specialist.


Joseph has motioned to accept the 2016 budget knowing this will be a flexible budget given our current transitions.  Ellwyn seconded.  All in favor.


Staff Transition:  Brad is coming on board as our Business Operations Specialist and Janice will be moving to a contracted trainer position.  The Executive Committee completed a search for our new B.O.S. via Indeed and PANOS as well as internal applicants.  There were 15 applicants and six were interviewed.  Recommendation supported Brad Eastman as the final applicant and the Board approved.  We will need to edit the language of our Strategic Plan and By-Laws if necessary to reflect the language change.  The overlap in expenses will end next week because currently we have three employees but once Janice ends she will move into a 1099 contractor position as trainer and conference coordinator.  Brad will shadow Janice to ensure he is aware of the conference responsibilities.  There are some questions in terms of the expenses of the transition that will unfold as we move forward.


Brad reviewed potential priorities a B.O.S. and presented information.  He will update these every two months with the Board. 


Brad provided an overview of Slack and how to use it effectively with the Board and its committees.  He encouraged folks to use it and provide feedback so  he can make changes as needed.


Website is a top priority. (Job Postings, Workshop Info & Bios, Recovery Stories, Reports)

Data Clean-Up

Board Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Committees and Board members can e-mail Brad about ideas or changes and Brad will go through the appropriate channels and deal with them as appropriate.  Brad is ready for job postings and Recovery Stories to be submitted.


Janice presented her transition plan from Director of Operations to a contracted trainer and conference support.  Janice feels her skill set is best suited to training and technical assistance and supporting PR across the state.  She would like to increase the training and technical support in PA as well as increase the training presence and types of training offered including web-based.


BH-Ten Contracts- The BH-Ten in Philadelphia is interested in on-line, web-based trainings.  In addition to the live trainings, they are requesting our expertise in developing these trainings.  We will be doing this in specific areas they have requested.  When the product is completed, they will be sharing that with PAPRS for our use as well.  This is expected to be an intensive process but will provide us with many new learning opportunities.


Committee Reports-


Training and Technical Assistance: Ellwyn will be co-chairing along with Rochelle and Darla.  The team had a retreat and worked on their priorities including the 12 Hour training and the BH-Ten project.  They are looking to create new content to expand offered trainings as well as new ways to offer training beyond the live training component.  The 2016 training schedule is out and can be found on the website.


Membership:  We have 62 org. members including three new members in the last several months.  We have had positive outreach as well.  Greg Marsden has left PRA, which has been difficult for keeping member lists up to date and registering for training.  We also are not sure that the letter we had worked with PRA on that included the info about new members also being members of PAPRS is going out to new members.  Donna is going to work with them to correct this.  Rich is working with us to look at developing more membership benefits for recruitment and retention especially around TAY.  We would like to do a Welcome reception again this year on the Wednesday night of the conference. We will also be doing a new member basket raffle as well at the reception.  We will also do a raffle for new members for a CPRP voucher at the reception. 


Communications:  We are working on growing our audience and increasing our reach in different kinds of media.  Brad will sign us up for Amazon Smile as well so that PAPRS can begin to benefit from people’s purchases on Amazon.  You just designate PAPRS as your organization and Amazon donates a portion of the sale to PAPRS.


Business:  2016 budget was already reviewed as well as the 2015 end of year information.  Scott is reaching out to Leisa Barth to ensure she is still interested in the Treasurer position.


Conference:  All workshops are assigned as well as keynotes and TED like talks.  Jen has sent out Sponsorship info to organizations.  We are using $6800 for scholarships- $1500 of which came from last year’s basket raffle. This does not include the three already funded memorial scholarships.  Scholarship application is open and there are 23 applications so far.  Janice will be sending out the no thank you letters today for TED like talks and the invitation to do two posters for two individuals.  Every organizational member on the board is asked to donate a basket for the conference.  Allyson and Maureen will do it for you if you give them $50 to construct it.  Allyson has the Awards nominations and Maureen will coordinate them.  Nominations are due by March 1 to Maureen Walsh.  Donna will write up something for the website to advertise the New Member Reception and raffles for new members.  Beth is willing to organize the Poster Contest again around the word HOPE.  It woud be limited to 8.5x11 so they can be mailed to Beth and can be tagged in advance.  Beth will do voting tickets and we can again offer three prizes of VISA gift cards for the top three.  We will award $60, $30, $10 and Jen will purchase the VISA cards. 


OMHSAS News-None


PRS for Youth and Young Adults- The work group has met twice and sub-committees are meeting as well. Heidi would like any suggestions for the workgroup to take back.  The tentative age range is 14-26 y/o.  Regulations will focus on the safety of the sites with this age range and work with educational entities.  They are also looking at group size.  CFRP will now be an exam and will be offered starting in April 2016.


PAPRS Advisory Board-  We currently have several vacancies..  Gwen DeYoung will also be asked to be on the Advisory Board.  We will also extend an offer to Peggy Maccolinni.  It was suggested to also look at people who have specific experience with Youth and Young Adults.  Tricia Fisher could also be invited to be part of the Advisory Board.  Dave will outreach these individuals. 


Public Policy- 


PRA Chapter News-  We still hae not signed our chapter agreement with PRA.


PRA Involvement-  Jen, Heidi and Scott are all involved with PRA committees.  Ellwyn is presenting at the PRA conference as is Scott.


Person in Recovery Committee:  PRA is looking for new members for this committee.  It would be nice to have PAPRS represented.  The info is on the PRA website.


Next Meeting:  March 10 & 11, 2016