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Board Meeting Minutes

PAPRS Board Meeting 06-02-15


PAPRS Board Meeting

June 2, 2015



Attendance: Rochelle Reimert, Donna Kaufmann, Beth Ricker, Shannon Stinnard, Darla Dodds, Christine Linkie, Rita Kraus, Leisa Barth, Tina Borger, Karen Yob, Joseph Martin, Russell Dodds, Kathy Ann Corl, Peggy Maccolini, Adam Greenstein, Ellwyn Andres, Jen McLaughlin, Donna Duffy-Bell, John Nadolny, Allyson Simpson, Maureen Walsh, Mary Kay Tuohy, Stephanie Cameron, Arlene Solomon, Elisha Coffey, Michelle Lafferty, Aaron Burkhardt, Troy Boyd, Amy Lestition, Tom Gibson, Casey Goldberg, Liane Kluge, Ginny Dikeman, Ross Jervis, Gwen DeYoung, Heidi Eastman, Jeannine Lawson, Jennifer Scholl, Mike Grier, Janice Aspey, Emily Raymond



Scott Heller offered thank yous to all of our PAPRS Board members and volunteers.  A committed and active board can influence and support the summit to create a positive and energized learning environment.  We also thank PRA for all of their support and engagement as we embarked on this endeavor together. 


Room wide introductions were made.  PRA offered their own thank yous to PAPRS for their participation in the organization and execution of the conference.


Poetry Collections:

As part of this year’s conference, we requested submissions of poetry from those who are part of the emerging adults in recovery.  This was an initiative along with OMHSAS and a state -wide call was issued for poetry.  We received 29 submissions of poetry each with its own unique recovery voice.  We have put together published booklets of each submission that are available at our PAPRS table and here at our Board meeting.  We selected the top three submissions for awards but each was a testament to the power of recovery.


Our top award winner is Donna L. Shaw and is entitled “Purpose.”  Donna participates at the Challenge Center and is also involved with CSP in her area.  Donna read her poetry and received a gift card and certificate as the first place winner. 


PRA Comments/PRA Team:

Thomas Gibson shared with us during this portion.  PRA is very grateful for the partnership we have been able to develop through PRA and PAPRS.  Growing and training the recovery workforce is imperative and PA leads the way in this.  PRA is deeply interested in growing its relationship and collaboration with state chapters.  PRA recognizes that PAPRS has lead the state chapters in the growth of the CPRP and are established leaders in the recovery movement.  PRA wanted to ensure that PAPRS felt no negative economic impact from the partnership for this year’s the summit and was able to achieve this successfully.  This now serves as a model for future summits and partnerships. 


Approval of April Minutes: 

Joe motioned to approve and Heidi seconded.  All in favor- minutes approved.


Treasurer’s Report:

We have a balance of $141,000 in our investments and business banking account.  We received $25,000 from PRA for our revenue sharing and will receive an additional $25,000 from PRA.  This is the typical revenue of our annual conference and the PRA checks are not included in the total balance currently.


Scott Heller has reached out to Keith Fuller to see if he is going to be able to continue in his role as treasurer.  However, it appears that we will need to search for a new treasurer.  Scott will meet with the officers about recommendations as to how to proceed from there.


Joe motioned to approve the treasurer’s report and Maureen seconded.  All in favor- report approved.


PAPRS Accomplishments:

2014 Training-

We have held four documentation trainings with 79 attendees.

We have had two 12-hour orientations with 62 attendees.

We had seven contracted TA sessions

We had four contracted trainings.


2015 Trainings-

We have had one documentation training with 22 and three more are scheduled

We have done two 12-hour orientations with 46 and have two more scheduled

We have three contracted TA sessions

WE have four contracted trainings.


A tremendous thank you to Janice Aspey who receives wonderful reviews as a trainer and thank you to our entire training group.


Training is a key component of our plan and continued success as an organization.



We have 65 organizational members and 98 individual members.  That adds up to nearly 950 practitioners as part of PAPRS.


Communication Committee:

Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter!  We have gained 10 new Twitter followers and three new Facebook followers!  A big thank you to Heidi and Brad Eastman and the entire Communication Committee for their dedication to bringing us into technology!


Collaboration with OMHSAS:

Approved vendor for the 12-hour orientation.

Participating in the Collaborative Documentation workgroup.   Janice Aspey is involved with the development of training around this.

Worked with OMHSAS to explore PRS with youth and emerging adults.

Initiated communication with OMHSAS to further explore the role of PRS in helping individuals seeking employment.  Explore how current relationships with OVR are working.



Worked with other groups to support PA’s adoption of MA expansion.


Continued discussions with OMHSAS and other stakeholders to seek inclusion of PR services as in plan services.


PRA/PAPRS Chapter News:

Reviewing chapter agreement with PRA with a goal of signing an agreement by Fall 2015.  Board can review draft and e-mail Janice and Scott thoughts by end of June.


Lew Manges was re-elected to the PRA Board of Directors.


New Business:

PAPRS members are members of PRA.  Their annual business meeting is tomorrow at 5:30P.M.


Tom Gibson’s power point presentation will be available through the PRA app for the Summit.


Basket raffle tickets are available at the PAPRS table!


April 11,12 and 13, 2016 will be the PAPRS conference next year.


Arlene Solomon offered support for any OVR collaborations.  Her agency has effectively partnered with them on several different projects.


Comments/Feedback from PAPRS members:



Next Meeting July 9, 2015