Pennsylvania Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

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Board Meeting Minutes

PAPRS Board Meeting 07-21-16



Board of Directors

July 21, 2016 - 2pm Uber Conference Call


Present: Ellwyn Andres, Rita Kraus, Richelle, Brad Eastman, Heidi Eastman, Joseph Martin, Susan Poznar, David Young, Scott Heller, Anna Trout, Donna, Kim MacDonald-Wilson, Beth Ricker,

Excused: Cathy Ann, Emily,

  1. Call to Order– David–1:07 pm welcome everyone – all appreciated your time and involvement
  2. Add items to agenda– David - nothing


  1. Approval of April Minutes– David- Rita first – Beth seconds


  1. Scott, Janice, and Brad Update – David- hopeful, thanks everyone for all they do and the efforts made on behalf of the board and each other. 1. Brad – employer is going through changes and a move is possible, how could he continue with us or not.He continues to wait for news. Rita, David and Brad discusses this transition to make it as smooth as possible. 2. Janice is moving and making changes, slowing down her work with us over the next few months, committed to doing 3 more changes, august, sept, oct. Also will be finishing up with one module for the BH10, 3. Looking for an education manager – filling this position. And Janice will help with the conference in 2017. 4. Scott – thanks everyone for help and assistance, diagnosed with a major health condition - blood cancer, fairly aggressive and taking time and energy to care for. Started tx and seeking consultations. He can no longer fulfill his work with PAPRS due to treatment and personal needs. He has been doing some support, sharing of information making suggestions. Seeks a useful role for the next month or so – needs to consider what he can do with social security, wants to be a support, assist as able. Moving phone calls along. Need to figure out how to transfer these tasks and share information. These conversations have started and will be ongoing. David affirms Scott’s place on the board and valuable contributions. Who answers the phone number and respond to requests, meeting with someone and handing off some of the stuff, handling of e-mails, deal with basic tasks. Brad suggests automated forward, or a general log in to access Scott’s e-mail. Making sure we don’t lose these e-mails. Focus on concrete items – need to set up a conversation for the next two weeks with Scott to take care of this. Rita, Scott, Brad, and David to be on this call. Possibly have committee leaders take on some of the responsibilities? Executive committees can take on some of these tasks and delegate out to others who are interested in picking up some of these. Tricia Fisher is interested in taking on the technical assistance questions and needs to be set up to do this if we move forward with this plan. Scott has been answering these to date and will continue to do so. Wants to move this over in August. Need to make sure the plan is effective so we don’t lose contacts. Building a framework to track these things to keep up with information, state

BH10 – Janice and Tricia are working with Maria – things are moving forward there.

New Executive Director – yes – we are managing this and Rita has the job description. It’s a 1099. No set job description. David to set up call with Scott and others identified.


  1. Treasurer’s Report– Susan – 3 sources of income conference, technical assistance and training, seeking a breakdown of expenses. See attached. Pay pal expenses? New numbers not available yet, seeking updates, investment account – 0 income?? Susan will look into this. Connie and Brad are working pay pal considerations. First one through with no deficit!
    1. Financial Statements -


  1. Committees Reports
    1. Training and TA Committee – Darla, Rochelle, and Ellwyn -
      1. Job Description and search for trainer – minor adjustments suggested,
      2. BHTEN Contract
        • Ellwyn – we looked at job description – minor changes to draft which will be updated and we will use it. Basic requirements outlined – next step will be advertise for the position – hoping to have this position filled by September meeting. Will do through e-mail to be able to move quickly –send the description to board and get responses by a deadline.
        • Advertising for candidates – matter of setting deadlines, doing interviews, seeking folks who are interested in being a part of this process to move it forward quickly. Susan, Rita, David,  will volunteer
        • Current open trainings coming up in August – on in Scranton – 12 hour (13 people) state college – 4 people so far – need to recruit people for this.
        • Rochelle asks Brad to speak to advertising issues – mail chimp – no issues – out stats to executive committee – over 1,500 e-mail went out (300 people opened it up)  – got better response from twitter and face book.  E-mail sent out twice. (Week after Fourth of July). Will send out in early/mid-August – need to be careful about sending things too often – people may unsubscribe. We’re getting a 105 click through percentage right now. Janice used to do direct calls – she knew people in the areas so that helped. Training attendance has declined – need to revamp and update these. Trainings are not needed – 12 hr was mandatory, others are optional. For the august training – if people are within a couple of hours of state college that could help if we would reach out, What’s the date by which we have to decide when we cancel or go forward with the trainings – we have to give Janice 10 working days prior notice  or we have to pay her = need ____ people
        • Discussed e-training and on line training possibilities, expanding ore course and more opportunities – ethics – trauma informed and looking to develop in those are for in person trainings
        • BH 10 project goes on – Janice finished her module and Tricia picks up then next one – Janice has been passing off training and technical questions and soon we will have these go to Tricia.
        • INAPs – in august there is going to be an ethics class that offers CPRP credits in Phili at the end of august.
    2. Membership – Donna – see email – trouble getting committee calls together – Rita and I met – getting to work with the cross walk from Rich – need to get moving on reaching out and reminding committee members make outreach calls.

Most recent join was in March and several have dropped off – we are reaching out as able – Wernersville State Hospital(Beth thinks we shouldn’t expect to get these folks back), Opportunities Unlimited of Erie and Copeland (Scott can do an outreach).

We want to reach out to to board members for support

Completed outreach assignments through September and these will be sent out

  1. Communications– Heidi – pretty much been heidi  - we have 297 likes on face book – twitter – over 100 followers, hill day – live tweeting – website is being managed by Brad- INAPS info is on website and social media.

PRA updates – new executive director – colleen ubanks – at hill day – and moved amyno longer assigned to PRA – advisory capacity. Leonnie – was let go from PRA – she is now with national counsel – only 2 Kacie and Latrice and Colleen – lower numbers for exam (children and family CFRP) but 2/3rds are from PA!

  1. Business Planning/Financial– Susan– not meeting lately – Board interested in doing a retreat – Colleen - she has done that work in the past – she is interested in doing that. Kim wonders if this is a worthwhile thing to do with all the transitions if it wouldn’t be a good thing to be done. We discuss how this could – Rita agrees to reach out to her – Scott is interested in being a part of that so we need to move quickly if we want to include him. Or he could call in. Rita to see about her availability on September 8th and 9th

PRA – we are thinking about the MOU – we have not forgotten about this – we need to not lose sight of it. Several folks have met Colleen – impressions thus far are positive.

  1. Conference Committee – Maureen/Jen–  – Brad is working with Jen to get accurate revenue numbers – profit is close to $48 and $53,000 dollars – we had a good year, still working to get exact numbers. Conference is in May gives a little extra time, Janice will contract to help us with next year. After this we are not sure what she will be able to do – Janice and Jen are working on an operations manual for the conference to keep the integrity of the conference and keep the success that we have had. She will send out a google poll to pull together a conference call about this – sharing duties for the conference. Need more involvement from the board who has been doing such a great job all along. We will want to soon do a “save the date”.

PRA – 2017 conference??? They haven’t identified a location yet. Heidi suggests we get our dates out there so PRA knows before they plan their dates – things are a bit miffed because they wanted to come back to pa and were told no. we are unsure how well they did at Boston – under 900 people.

PRA meetings – board meeting and chapter meeting – Jen attended – gave feedback about their conference fees.

  1. 2016 April Review
  2. 2017 PAPRS Conference


  1. PAPRS Public Policy  - Elisha–not able to be with us – David – PA passed revenue plan that will accompany the budget plan – slight increase in human services, opiate epidemic – behavioral health was flat – no changes. Human services code that will allow for the disruption of access while incarcerated and easier to return to these benefits when they are released. 1.3 million dollar gap – 6% sales tax, cigarette taxes etc. wasn’t as bad as it could have been – no increases.
    1. State budget/activities update

Murphy Bill – Joseph – passed the house – moving into the senate.


  1. PRA/PAPRS/MOU update  David& Jen – nothing new – we are focused on this – executive committee. More to come


  1. New Business– David – no new business. Reservation reminders – update dates with meetings date changes – the room block number remains the same.


  1. Adjournment- David - next meeting September 8th and 9th, 2016. Joseph seconds the motion to adjourn