PAPRS’ Consultation Program is a unique opportunity to acquire skills, resources, and guidance from experienced psychiatric rehabilitation providers regarding the development and implementation of a variety of psychiatric rehabilitation programs.

The Consultation experience provides on/off site consults regarding psychiatric rehabilitation services. This might include assistance with program development, documentation, administrative issues, and preparation for licensing and responding to MCO audits.

Here’s how we provide our Consultation services:

Once a Consultation request is received, PAPRS will review the request and arrange for an initial consultation with the agency

PAPRS will arrange for the formal consult with an expert in the field

Additional individualized consultation is available with contracted agreement.

 Who is eligible for Consultation Services?

Members of PAPRS/PRA are eligible for one hour of free consultation each year.  Complete the Free Consultation Request Form

If a member request for more than one hour of consultation is submitted, staff will verify and develop a contract with fees. 

All Organizations are eligible for contracted Education/Consultation. Complete the Consultation Request with Fee