PAPRS Committees

Executive Committee

Chair: President Ellwyn Andres

The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers of the Board of Directors and others appointed by the President and ratified by the Board. The function of the Executive Committee is to carry on the Business of the Chapter in the interim between the meetings of the Board of Directors. All actions of the Executive Committee shall be reported promptly to the Board of Directors at their next meeting. 

Education & Consultation Committee

Co - Chair: Kelly Shuler

Co - Chair: Rochelle Reimert

The purpose of the Education & Consultation Committee is reflected in the overall goal of developing “learning opportunities for increasing the statewide capacity to provide best practice psychiatric rehabilitation services." This purpose is accomplished through the efforts of the committee as a whole in collaboration with the Education Manager.  PAPRS provides training opportunities for PAPRS member organizations and individuals including a frequently-offered CPRP test preparation course. Also, PAPRS is approved by the OMHSAS to provide the 12 hour required Orientation to Psychiatric Rehabilitation course.  In addition, training is developed for our Annual Conference Institutes and Workshops, and other training activities emerge through the provision of consultation activities.  Consultation  is offered to organizations that wish to increase their capacity to provide psychiatric rehabilitation services.

Conference Committee

Chair: Aaron Burkhardt

​Co - Chair: Jen McLaughlin

Co - Chair: Maureen Walsh

The Conference Committee is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of the Annual PAPRS Conference.  Typical committee projects/tasks related to Annual Conference:

  • Sponsors
  • Scholarships
  • Basket Raffle
  • Award Ceremony
  • Networking events
  • Obtaining/Selecting potential workshop proposals
  • Hotel Arrangements

Budget/Finance Committee

Chair: Susan Poznar

​Co - Chair: Beth Ricker

The Budget/Finance Committee is responsible for planning and development of the organizational annual budget and the development, implementation and revision of the PAPRS business plan. Typical committee projects/tasks related to the budget/business plan:

  • Develop organizational business plan for review by the board
  • Present the board information needed for financial management
  • Develop annual budget to support PAPRS work 
  • Collaborate with PAPRS committees to support their work
  • Identify revenue streams for the organization
  • Review PAPRS marketing plan

Communications Committee

Chair: Skyler Deitrick

​Co - Chair: 

The Communications Committee is responsible for developing ways to share information related to the work of PAPRS.  The Committee evaluates and recommends vehicles for effective communication. Functions of the committee include the following:

  • Determine organizational communication goals
  • Develop and maintain PAPRS Website
  • Maximize the use of technology for communication needs
  • Ensure that PAPRS mission and values are incorporated into communication vehicles and efforts
  • Evaluate written materials related to outreach and publicity
  • Recommend plans and means for effective communication

Policy Committee

Chair:  Ginny Dikeman

Co-Chair: Brittani Smerkar

As a primary function, this committee works on research and consultation on public policy matters, providing advice to the Board of Directors on opportunities to advance the PAPRS mission through advocacy.  As a secondary function, the committee provides a framework for the development of a PAPRS Policy Manual, a systematic review of PAPRS internal policies and procedures and support to PAPRS committees as needed regarding policy application. Typical committee projects/tasks related to policy include:

  • Advocacy calls and letters with partners in state government
  • Letter writing campaigns with members and consumers
  • Development and maintenance of a policy and procedure manual for PAPRS
  • Assisting other committees with development and application of committee policy and procedure

Membership Committee

Chair: Julie Sanders

The purpose of the PAPRS Membership Committee is to attract and retain individual and organizational members through the:

  • Outreach to all new members and telephonic outreach to new organizational members
  • Outreach to current organizational members as their memberships come due for renewal
  • Solicitation of feedback/evaluation of current and potential value-added member benefits
  • Hosting of membership events
  • Support and encouragement of current members to increase their role within PAPRS through sharing of individual and collective strengths and resources
  • Partnership with PRA to assure that PAPRS can maximally address/meet the needs of its members