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PODS - The Power of Dependable Souls

The Power of Dependable Souls (PODS) intervention is a group program designed to increase community participation and meaningful social connections for adults experiencing mental health conditions. PODS focuses on developing the skills and resources needed to engage in sustainable, independent community participation while building collective efficacy among group members. The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion is seeking additional agencies interested in piloting this project! If you are interested in learning more, please contact Hannah at [email protected]







The Department of Human Services, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services issued proposed rulemaking to amend 55 Pa.Code Chapter 5230 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services on July 9, 2022.  The proposed amendment includes the addition of services for Youth and Young Adults, and addresses changes in the updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that affect eligibility for services.  The proposed amendment also addresses the availability of telehealth and services provided in the individual’s home, as well as updated requirements for staff credentials and clearances, quality management requirements, and reduced paperwork requirements related to obtaining the individual’s signature on service documents. 

To read the publication, go to:

The publication contains two sections:  the Preamble, which explains the proposed changes and the rationale for making the proposed changes; and Annex A which is the regulation, and which shows all proposed deletions and additions. Within the Annex, bold items in brackets are deletions; bold items that are underlined are additions.

The period for public comment on the proposed amendment to 55 Pa.Code Chapter 5230 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services closed on August 8, 2022.  To view the list of public commentators and open and read their comments, go to:

At the close of the Public Comment period, OMHSAS will begin a review of all comments received and will prepare the “final form” of Chapter 5230.  This is a lengthy process that culminates with a formal review by the Independent Regulatory Review Commission during a public hearing.  Until then, this publication is a proposal and will not be enforced. Please continue to operate under Chapter 5230 as codified on May 11, 2013

PRA Update

PRA has recently transitioned to a new management company, Meaningful Measurement, for Membership and Certification processes. We are already seeing hopeful signs of improvement.

If you have unresolved issues with membership status or certification status, please go to the PRA UPDATE to read the message from PRA and find current contact information.  If your last message to PRA requesting help was prior to March 2022, please contact them again to request assistance.  PAPRS is very hopeful that you will now be able to get a resolution.

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PAPRS training is approved for continuing education credit by the PRA Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery. PAPRS awards CE hours for CPRP and CFRP certification.



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 PRA offers training and continuing education opportunities through the Academy of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery, your trusted source of vetted, important information, comprised of programs in the areas of psychiatric rehabilitation, as well as leadership and management. To grow and train the recovery workforce, the Academy provides whole lifelong career learning in Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Wellness, Resiliency & Recovery.



What is Psychiatric Rehabilitation?

Psychiatric Rehabilitation is a strengths-based community mental health service focused on helping an individual living with a mental illness to create the necessary positive changes in skills and resources that will lead to success and satisfaction in chosen roles within the Psychiatric Rehabilitation domains. Psychiatric Rehabilitation services are driven by the individual and based on personal preferences and choice. The Psychiatric Rehabilitation process is founded in hope and the belief that all individuals can utilize a recovery journey to enhance their own quality of life. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services are based upon a professional Code of Ethics developed by PRA.

What are the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Domains?

Staying Healthy
Domain Descriptions