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The living domain includes developing skills and resources to increase success and satisfaction in independence in housing, personal financial management, cooking, housekeeping, and improving access to and use of transportation.

Valued Roles in the Living Domain Might Be

Homeowner, apartment dweller, housekeeper, family cook, budget planner, bus rider







Man studyingThe learning domain includes developing skills and resources to increase access to and success and satisfaction in educational opportunities at the chosen educational level, whether it is general high school equivalency, technical school, college, or learning in specific topics like personal computing, math and budgeting, etc.

Valued Roles in the Learning Domain Might Be

High school, college, technical, or trade school student or graduate




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The working domain includes developing skills and resources to increase success and satisfaction in chosen work roles including full-time or part-time transitional employment, job coached position, supported employment, competitive employment, or volunteer work. It incudes leaning to complete a job search and application, manage benefits like health insurance, time management, or learning how to communicate effectively with supervisors.

Valued Roles in the Working Domain Might Be

Chef, driver, cashier, mechanic, volunteer meal deliverer





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The socializing domain includes developing skills and resources to increase success and satisfaction in reducing isolation, promoting quality of social relationships with family, friends, and the larger community. It may also include development and maintenance of socially responsible behavior.

Valued Roles in the Socializing Domain Might Be

Mother, brother, friend, co-worker, spouse, neighbor, team member, voter, taxpayer





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 Staying Healthy                    

The staying healthy domain includes developing skills and resources to improve and maintain both physical and mental health. It may include things like menu planning, weight management, exercise and fitness activities, maintaining good sexual health practices and developing a healthy lifestyle. It may also include self-directed medicine, developing a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), developing an Advance Directive for health care, and skills for talking to a physical or mental health clinician.

Valued Roles in the Staying Healthy Domain Might Be

A person who stays out of the hospital, keeps medical and mental health appointments, gets regular exercise, follows a healthy diet, practices safe sex, manages a personal WRAP